How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Pooping?

How Long Can A Bearded Dragon Go Without Pooping

The bearded dragon is a reptile that generally defecates and poops about every two weeks. However, there are cases when your beardie can go for up to two weeks without poop, which may be impacted by the cold season. If your beardie goes for over two weeks without feces, it may need to be evaluated by a reptile vet.

1-2 times a week

The first step in curing your beardie is to understand the reasons why your animal is poop-free. In general, a bearded dragon will go a few days without pooping. This is normal, but if this occurs more often, you may want to investigate what you’re doing wrong. Your beardie might be having digestive issues, or be experiencing stress. It might be that your beardie has too much protein in its diet, which can increase the frequency of poop. This can also affect genetics, but it is not always the culprit.

Runny poop

You should check your bearded dragon’s poop regularly. This habit will soon become second nature and will help you understand your beardie’s health and act fast if something is not right. For example, loose poop could be a sign of diarrhea or a change in diet. The smell could also indicate a lack of food or something that isn’t agreeing with your beardie’s digestive system.


If your dragon has not been pooping in a while, it is a good idea to visit a vet. In many cases, blood in the poop is a sign of minor constipation or a more serious impaction issue. If the impaction is not treated quickly, it can be fatal, and you may have to resort to surgery. Other possible causes of impaction include large insects, loose substrate, and foreign objects in the diet.


There are several possible reasons for a bearded dragon not pooping. It may be suffering from a bacterial or parasite infection, or simply have a green poop. A green poop indicates a healthy beardie, but it can also indicate a serious problem. Blood in the poop indicates a parasitic infection or a bacterial infection that may require surgical treatment. A yellow poop indicates that your beardie has ingested a yellowish substance. This could be a parasite, or simply an egg that has not been fertilized.

Pussy poop

Depending on the species and diet, adult bearded dragons can go up to a week between poop sessions. This frequency varies greatly, and depends on many factors, including the diet, the amount of calcium the beardie is consuming, and its general health. Generally, bearded dragons should poop at least once a week, but some individuals may notice as much as four days between poop sessions.


Generally speaking, a bearded dragon should defecate at least once a week. However, if your beardie has not been pooping for a while, there are several reasons for this. Here’s what you should do if you notice your beardie not defecating at regular intervals. Listed below are some tips that will make your beardie’s bowel movements more regular.


One way to determine if your dragon is stressed is by examining its poop. Stress marks are usually found on the bearded dragon’s stomach, but they can also appear on its chin or on its limbs. They will be dark in color. In some cases, your dragon may not poop for two days. In such a case, you should visit a vet for diagnosis.